The perfect gift for HER

I’m going to temporarily step out of my writer’s block to share with you some wonderful gift ideas for this valentine’s day season. I’m all for love being celebrated all year round but having a holiday dedicated to it marks time. It’s a season of love, no matter your relationship status. It’s a celebration of love in every form, starting with self love. In fact, as a romantic, my first priority always is me. Granted this often ends with me shopping more for myself than others, but hey, that’s not entirely horrible. Or is it?

Either way, whether you’re celebrating it with yourself or a beloved, it is a season of gift giving. Not everyone’s forte. Most people I know are terrible gifters. Sorry! They mean well but their resources and search is limited. So I’ve decided to share my wisdom for those looking for some direction. AND some of these brands have decided to reward my crazy spending patterns with promo codes for my friends, you’re welcome:

1. The One for the Jewelry Lover
Vanessa Mooney was my best jewelry find of 2017, and still a favourite a month into 2018. I don’t want to discount any of their greatness by trying to put it into words, you just have to check it out.

My recommendation:Vandal Door Knocker Earrings

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2. The Beauty Care Package
She works too hard and needs a breather.
Arbonne all natural consciously developed skin care line and detox products. I personally use their R9 collection and my life feels changed. My skin has never felt so clearer and breathable, even after makeup wear, and I actually look forward to my daily cleansing ritual.I’d also highly recommend their moisturizing body scrub which leaves your skin feeling like it was massaged with coconut oil instead of leaving it dry post-scrub. The Turks and the Romans would’ve definitely been on this product!

You can get 20% off all products if you become a preferred client

3. Jet Set Trend
She’ll appreciate an addition to her wardrobe and maybe even wear it out to date night. My top two recommendations for online shops currently goes to and
I find that has amazing quality (comparable to aritzia) at a better price point and delivers within 5 business days! Also an AMAZING selection from trendy to work and everyday wear. I’m yet to order from EGO, but their collection of shoes is uber chic and definitely worth converting from pounds.

4. Fifty Shades of Noir
If you’re one for throwing away the romantic rulebook, add a little fantasy to the evening. Reve rouge has the perfect pieces for your valentine’s night en Français. They carry a wide variety of brands and styles. Remember the sexiest piece would be the one that makes HER feel the most comfortable and sexy!

Photo by James Ellis

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5. World Class Woman
The blessing and curse of being a world traveller and culturist most definitely has to do with finding most fashion items too passé for your closet. Soukh has bags and accessories for the one-of-a-kind seeking traveller. My favourite are the bags because their Arabesque feel makes me feel closer to home.

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6. Rue Classique
Surprise her with her favourite flowers,
Reso at an elegant candle lit restaurant (or cook!), and end with dessert. . .


Fashion and football rule the entirety of my life. I am also an energy worker, a believer of magic, and an advocate of chasing your dreams. Last year I fulfilled one of my dreams by sitting front row at Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer ’17 show in Paris. My one piece of fashion advice? Invest in good shoes.

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