Personalizing The Season’s Floral Trend

When the sun is out, you guys know it means one thing: floral!
I know what you are thinking:


But I promise, this particular piece I am writing about is not your basic floral skirt or dress that every other girl is wearing this season. No,  I would not dedicate a whole blog post to that 😘

I am sharing with you something that at one time was very close to my heart- a clothing line that I had created in partnership with undiscovered women designers in East Africa. It was about 4 years ago that we created a handful of clothing items made from kitenge, the hand-dyed fabric that is common in various parts of Africa.

The idea behind the line being that traditional fabrics from different parts of the world can be incorporated in one’s daily wardrobe to create unique and beautiful looks that turn heads!

My brush with fashion entrepreneurship is a story for another day, but since my time in East Africa, I have been obsessed with kitenge!

Take a look at these custom-made, head-turning, high-waisted psychedelic florals shorts!


And you guys, 4 years later, the fashion world is catching on too!

These beautiful prints have been seen on the runways for SS’18 collections, and brands like MaxMara also featured African fabrics in their Chic Summer Essentials collection this year. And I am sure you have also seen various fashion bloggers and cool boutiques in the Insta world rocking kitenge pieces with their own personal touch.

So I say all this so say that, yes, seasonal trends like “florals” in spring/ summer can seem unoriginal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out a way to stand out while still being on trend!

My take on this season’s trend was to rock my psychedelic floral shorts. What are some of the ways that you personalize current trends?!?!





A nomad at heart, I am always seeking new experiences in new places. Currently residing in Canada's beautiful British Columbia, I am (above all) a proud dog mom 🐶🐶 and I help run an ethical fashion boutique that boasts the largest collection of local & direct trade designers! ❤️

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