If you’re wondering why we haven’t updated our beloved DISH AND DIOR blog lately, the unfortunate answer is that our co-blogger Shraddha has decided to step down due to other obligations at this time. Working together to lay the foundation for this platform has taught us a great deal about our interests and style, in turn helping us grow as artists and content creators.

I, Dipti Kewal, will continue to grow with DISH AND DIOR and hopefully make it my own, for the most part. The road ahead looks daunting but I know I can do it. The blog will resemble my views of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through a classique lens. Romanticism, adventure, and a luxe style is what makes the essence of the new page. As a lightworker and devout spiritualist, you can also expect articles and healthy discussions on introspective issues, especially relating to feminism and women empowerment. I’m excited to turn this page and look ahead at all the possibilities. Your love and support with this next chapter is very much needed and appreciated.


Dipti Kewal



Fashion and football rule the entirety of my life. I am also an energy worker, a believer of magic, and an advocate of chasing your dreams. Last year I fulfilled one of my dreams by sitting front row at Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer ’17 show in Paris. My one piece of fashion advice? Invest in good shoes.

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